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Every year over 500,000 men choose to have a vasectomy.  A vasectomy is minor office procedure that blocks the sperm from entering the ejaculate.  A vasectomy can be reversed, but the sooner you reverse the vasectomy, the better the outcomes.  Below are some important points to be aware of when considering a vasectomy.

  1. Vasectomies are intended to be a permanent form of contraception.
  2. Vasectomy does not produce immediate sterility.
  3. Following vasectomy, another form of contraception is required until success of procedure is confirmed by post- vasectomy semen analysis (PVSA).
  4. You may stop using other methods of contraception when examination of fresh (within 1 hour of ejaculation) post-vasectomy semen specimen shows no sperm or only rare non-motile sperm.
  5. Even after vas occlusion is confirmed, vasectomy is not 100% reliable in preventing pregnancy.
  6. The risk of pregnancy after vasectomy is approximately 1 in 2,000 for men who have an initially successful vasectomy.
  7. Repeat vasectomy is necessary in <1% of vasectomies
  8. Patients should refrain from ejaculation for approximately one week after vasectomy.
  9. Options for fertility after vasectomy include vasectomy reversal and sperm retrieval with in vitro fertilization. These options are not always successful, and they may be expensive.

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